This handy guide breaks down how to install accent lighting in your kitchen, giving you useful tips and tricks to create the perfect moody ambience in your kitchen.


L08STK & L12STK Fineline LED Stick Light 8" & 12" Lengths

Long and narrow, the Fineline is the easy way to provide smooth linear lighting almost anywhere. These low-profile stick lights can be connected directly to each other to create longer lengths, or with the 24" linking cord. They feature a frosted diffuser for perfect, even illumination. Each stick light includes a 79" long starter cord, which can be used to connect back to the power supply or to link another light. Also included are two mounting clips with installation screws.

L1.5POK 1.5W Pockit Plus LED Light

Pockit Plus features a clean low-profile design which can be easily surface mounted or recessed into cabinet panels. The 2" diameter light face throws a wide 90-degree bright LED illumination. Each Pockit Plus light comes with a 79" long preattached starter cord. Up to 40 lights can be powered with one 60W power supply. Please Note: Pockit Plus lights cannot be linked and must be connected individually back to the power mounting block. 
Recess or Surface Mounting

L60PWR 60W Power Supply 12v DC

12V DC power supply with 60W capacity. Includes 6' power cord and two 6-slot mounting blocks, which allow for easy snap-in light cord connection. 50,000 hour lifespan, dimmable on trailing edge (12V side)


L96RCD Universal Remote Control Dimmer

Features radio-frequency remote control dimming to adjust lights from anywhere in the room up to 30' away. Controls up to 8 amps/96 Watts of LED lighting. Dimmer comes with two universal remote controls, each of which will control multiple dimmers in a single room. Remote provides on/off power and dims from 100% to 1%. Built-in memory which recalls last setting when turned on again. Includes (2) AMP connectors for simple connection between light mounting blocks and power supply.

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L24LNK 24" Linking Cord

24" long linking cord to connect Fineline LED stick lights together in a chain.



L72SEC 72" Starter Extension Cord

72" long extension cord used to extend the length of Pockit LED puck light starter cord, or to link Fineline LED stick lights over longer distances. Include snap-on AMP connector.


Accent Lighting Planning Tips


1. Decide whether you will be using linkable Fineline Stick lights, or the Pockit Plus ‘puck’ lights:

a. Stick lights can be connected directly to each other to create longer sticks and can be joined in a single daisy chain up to 12' from the power supply. These create a broader more uniform illumination.
b. Pockit Plus lights can be surface mounted, using the mounting ring provided, or recessed into the cabinet floor or ceiling. Starter cords from each Pockit light must be run back to the power supply. These lights create an accent or spot light effect and are ideal for placing inside glass door cabinets.

2. If you are using Framed cabinets, the starter cords can be run in the ½” gap between cabinets. If you are using frameless cabinets the starter cords can be run inside the cabinets or behind the cabinet back panels.

3. Stick lights can be linked together in a chain, using the 79" cord provided with the light unit, or with optional 24" connector cords.

4. 72” Starter/Extension Cord can be used to extend the length of the 79” starter cord provided with the light units or to link stick lights together.

5. The Universal Remote Control Dimmer is connected directly between the power supply and the light cord mounting blocks using the AMP connector provided. You can choose to dim all lights, or a select group of lights.

6. The example below shows how a kitchen may be accented with undercabinet, inside cabinet and toe kick lighting. Please contact a licensed electrician regarding applicable electrical codes in your location.