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The Art of Mixing Materials: How to Achieve a Cohesive Look in Your Design

So you've explored all the cabinetry choices out there and you've finally chosen the color and style that you love to create your dream space. Or maybe you're still trying to find the right cabinet style for you and your design style.

Our curated mood boards provide all the design inspiration you could possibly need, with ready-made kitchen and bath designs. 

Pairing your chosen cabinetry with flooring, countertops, hardware and wall colors can seem a daunting task. Mixing materials, colors and various design elements to create a cohesive design that has the 'wow' factor isn't as hard as it might seem! 


Newport Pacific White

This kitchen design merges classic elegance with modern flair seamlessly. White cabinetry sets a crisp backdrop, enhancing the sense of space and light, while the dark wood flooring adds warmth and depth. The industrial light fixture injects a hint of urban charm, juxtaposed with brushed nickel hardware for a contemporary touch of sophistication.

Marble countertops exude luxury and provide a timeless appeal, serving as a focal point amidst the clean lines of the cabinetry. Wood accent design elements infuse natural warmth, balancing the cool tones of marble and metal. These wooden details, whether in shelving, bar stools, or decorative accents, add organic texture, inviting a sense of comfort and connection to nature into the space.

The overall effect is a harmonious blend of contrasts—light and dark, sleek and rustic, modern and traditional. Each element complements the others, creating a cohesive and inviting environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Newport Blended Cream

In this laundry room, practicality meets elegance with a seamless blend of elements. Cream cabinetry provides a warm backdrop, complemented by slate tile flooring that adds depth and texture. The white tile backsplash brightens the space, enhancing its airiness. Brushed nickel hardware adds a touch of modern sophistication, tying the room together.

The focal point, a black marble countertop, introduces a luxurious feel while offering durability and ample workspace. Its dark hue contrasts beautifully with the cream cabinetry, creating visual interest. Practical storage solutions, intelligently integrated throughout the room, ensure functionality without sacrificing style. From shelving for detergents to concealed hampers, every detail serves a purpose.

The overall effect is one of harmony and balance. Each element contributes to a cohesive design that is both inviting and efficient. With its understated elegance and thoughtful layout, this laundry room makes household chores a pleasure rather than a chore.

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Tremont Pearl Gray

In this kitchen, a mixture of elements combines to craft a space that's both chic and inviting. Gray cabinetry establishes a contemporary foundation, offering a neutral canvas for the room's interplay of textures and tones. Light wood flooring introduces warmth, balancing the coolness of the gray with its natural charm. The white tile backsplash adds a refreshing crispness, brightening the space and reflecting light to create an airy atmosphere.

Matte black hardware injects a subtle dose of contrast, adding a touch of modern sophistication to the design. Black marble countertops elevate the space with timeless elegance and depth, grounding the room with a luxurious focal point. Finally, bar-height seating integrates seamlessly, providing a cozy yet functional gathering spot.

Together, these elements harmonize effortlessly, each contributing its own unique character while collectively forming a cohesive and inviting environment. It's a kitchen where style meets functionality with ease, making it the perfect backdrop for culinary adventures and lively gatherings alike.

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Newport Deep Onyx

In this laundry room, the interplay of dark gray cabinetry against light wood flooring forms a balanced contrast, adding depth without overwhelming the space.

The white tile backsplash injects brightness, visually enlarging the room and providing a clean canvas. Champagne bronze hardware lends a touch of elegance, elevating the overall aesthetic. The light marble countertop adds a luxurious feel while maintaining functionality. Practical storage solutions ensure clutter-free organization, enhancing efficiency without sacrificing style.

Together, these elements create a harmonious design where each component plays a vital role in crafting a serene and cohesive environment. From the subtle contrasts to the refined finishes, this laundry room exudes sophistication without being overly fussy, making it a delightful space to tackle daily chores with ease.

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Newport Mythic Blue

In this kitchen, opulence meets functionality seamlessly. The opulent blue cabinetry adds a bold yet sophisticated statement, while the light wood flooring brings warmth and contrast, balancing the deep blue tones. The bronze light fixture casts a soft glow, complementing the cabinetry and adding a touch of vintage charm.

Champagne bronze hardware offers a subtle but elegant contrast against the blue cabinetry, tying in with the light wood flooring effortlessly. The light marble countertop with gold accents elevates the space with its luxurious appeal, adding a touch of glamour without overwhelming the design.

Open shelving brings an airy quality, allowing curated pieces to shine and adding visual interest to the space. Together, these elements create a harmonious composition where each component plays a vital role without overpowering the others. The result? A kitchen that feels both luxurious and inviting, perfect for cooking up culinary delights or simply enjoying a morning cup of coffee.


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 Hargrove Cinnamon 

In this kitchen, warmth and elegance blend seamlessly. The rich tones of the wood-stained cabinetry evoke a cozy atmosphere. Complementing this warmth, the light stone flooring adds a touch of rustic charm, grounding the space with natural appeal.

Homely details, like handcrafted ceramics displayed on open shelving, infuse the kitchen with personality and a lived-in feel, making it a place for both culinary creativity and heartfelt conversations.

The brushed nickel hardware introduces a subtle contemporary edge, providing a refined contrast to the organic textures of wood and stone. Meanwhile, the light marble countertop adds a touch of luxury and brightness, effortlessly tying the elements together.

Overall, this design harmoniously balances warmth, sophistication, and comfort, creating a space where functionality meets aesthetics with effortless charm.

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Franklin Manganite

In this bathroom design the dark wood stained cabinetry provides a grounding presence, anchoring the space with its rich tones that's complemented by the warm wood flooring. Against the lavender-colored walls, a serene atmosphere unfolds, infusing the room with a subtle yet soothing hue that exudes tranquility.

The brushed nickel hardware offers a touch of modern sophistication, seamlessly complementing the darker wood tones and adding a hint of understated luxury. Topping it all off is the light marble countertop, a luminous focal point that elevates the space with its timeless elegance and gentle veining.

Together, these elements form a cohesive blend of textures and tones, striking a delicate balance between warmth and refinement. The result is a bathroom retreat that feels both inviting and effortlessly chic, where every detail harmonizes to create a space that's as functional as it is beautiful.

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Midtown High Gloss White 

In this bathroom, simplicity meets sophistication effortlessly. The modern white gloss cabinetry offers a sleek and clean look, accentuated by the brushed nickel hardware adding a subtle touch of elegance.

The warm stone flooring grounds the space, inviting a sense of natural serenity, while the cream-colored walls contribute to a soft, welcoming ambiance. The classic granite countertop adds depth and texture, bridging the gap between contemporary and timeless design elements.

Together, these components create a harmonious balance, each element complementing the other without overpowering. The crispness of the white cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the warmth of the stone floor, while the cream walls provide a neutral backdrop, allowing the other elements to shine. Overall, this bathroom design exudes a sense of modern luxury with a comforting embrace, making it a serene sanctuary for daily routines.

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Midtown High Gloss Metallic

In this kitchen, the modern gray gloss cabinetry adds a sleek touch, enhancing the space with its clean lines and contemporary appeal. Complemented by warm wood flooring, the room gains a sense of warmth and grounding, balancing out the cool tones.

The light gray tile backsplash provides a subtle yet stylish backdrop, tying together the various elements seamlessly. Accented with champagne bronze hardware, the cabinetry exudes a subtle hint of luxury, elevating the overall aesthetic. The classic marble countertop adds a timeless elegance, while the stainless steel appliances introduce a modern edge.

Overall, this kitchen design effortlessly combines modernity with classic elements, resulting in a space that is both inviting and effortlessly chic. It's a perfect harmony of style and functionality, making it a delightful place to cook and gather.

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Grayson Pacific White 

Here, the white raised panel shaker cabinetry offers a clean, timeless backdrop, creating an airy feel that's both classic and modern. Pairing it with warm wood flooring brings in a touch of natural warmth. The dark blue tile backsplash injects a pop of bold color without overwhelming the room, adding depth and visual interest.

Brushed nickel hardware ties everything together, adding a subtle metallic sheen that complements both the white cabinetry and the dark blue backsplash while the dark marble countertop adds a luxurious touch, bringing sophistication and elegance to the kitchen.

The combination of crisp whites, rich wood tones, deep blues, and shimmering metallic accents strikes a perfect balance, resulting in a kitchen that's effortlessly chic and welcoming.

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Grayson Pearl Gray

The gray raised panel shaker cabinetry exudes a classic charm, adding depth without overpowering the space. Complemented by the warm brown wood flooring, it strikes a balance between elegance and coziness. The light mosaic tile injects subtle texture and brightness, providing a refreshing contrast to the darker elements.

Matte black hardware offers a modern touch, seamlessly tying together the different components while adding a hint of sophistication. The gray marble countertop adds a luxurious feel and serves as a focal point.

Together, these elements create a serene and inviting atmosphere. It's a design that effortlessly blends timeless style with contemporary flair, offering both visual appeal and functional comfort.

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Grayson Deep Onyx

In this kitchen, the marriage of dark gray raised panel shaker cabinetry with light oak flooring sets a sophisticated and welcoming tone. The contrast between the cabinetry's boldness and the flooring's warmth creates a balanced visual appeal. The brushed nickel hardware adds a touch of contemporary flair, subtly tying the elements together.

The statement light fixture, perhaps a sleek pendant or a striking chandelier, is a perfect statement piece. The light marble countertop not only offers practicality but also serves as a light contrast against the dark cabinetry, brightening the space and enhancing its elegance.

Together, these elements form a cohesive blend of textures, tones, and finishes, resulting in a kitchen that feels both inviting and sophisticated.

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Grayson Mythic Blue

In this bathroom, the blue raised panel shaker cabinetry evokes a relaxed, cozy vibe. The earthy tones of the warm mosaic tiles complement the blue cabinetry, creating a comforting balance.

Matte black hardware adds a touch of modern sophistication and anchors the design, adding depth and contrast. Topped off by the light marble countertop which adds a luxurious touch that elevates the space.

Together, these elements create a bathroom that's both inviting and stylish, where every detail plays its part in the cohesive design.


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Washington Vesper White

In this kitchen design, the white shaker cabinetry brings a timeless elegance, providing a clean canvas for the space. Complementing this, the stone flooring adds a touch of natural charm, grounding the room with its earthy tones. Warm mosaic tiles inject subtle warmth and texture, creating visual interest.

Brushed nickel hardware adds a contemporary touch, and matches the black granite countertop which provides a bold contrast, anchoring the space with its rich depth.

The combination of white, stone, warm hues, brushed nickel, and black granite seamlessly melds together, resulting in a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Washington Veiled Gray

This bathroom design strikes a balance between elegance and functionality with its cohesive elements. The light gray shaker cabinetry offers a subtle backdrop, lending a sense of sophistication and calm. Complementing this, the light wood flooring adds warmth and a touch of natural appeal.

The twin basin with modern mirrors enhances the functionality of the space while contributing to its contemporary aesthetic. The brushed nickel hardware ties in seamlessly, providing a subtle contrast against the light gray cabinetry while adding a modern flair. The black granite countertop adds a sleek focal point and creates visual interest.

Together, these elements come together to create a bathroom design that is both inviting and stylish, where each component plays a crucial role in achieving a harmonious and cohesive space.

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Washington Vessel Blue

Here, the bold blue shaker cabinetry injects a pop of personality while the light stone flooring provides a neutral backdrop, adding warmth and grounding the room. Bar seating encourages social interaction, inviting guests to gather and chat, perfect for hosting. Brushed nickel hardware offers a subtle contrast to the cabinetry, tying in with the modern aesthetic. The black marble countertop adds sophistication and depth, anchoring the design with its rich texture.

The cool tones of the cabinetry and countertop are complemented by the warmth of the stone flooring, creating a harmonious atmosphere. The mix of materials and finishes adds visual interest without cluttering the space, resulting in a kitchen that feels both stylish and inviting. It's a modern take on traditional elements, effortlessly blending functionality with design flair.

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