WeatherStrong Door Samples (13"x13") - $30 Each Delivered
(Credited towards your cabinet order)

Wondering how one or more of these beautiful cabinet styles would look in your home? Why not order a sample door and see for yourself? *All you pay is $30.00 per Door Sample to have them shipped directly to your home. Then we deduct your Sample Door payments from the price of your cabinet order. So, you have nothing to lose, why not order one or more today?

To order your samples, select the door styles you wish to order and click "Continue" on the bottom of the page.
Designer Finishes are recommended for indoor wet or dry areas such as laundry rooms and garages or for any outdoor space where surface temperatures do not exceed 265° F.

Designer Woodgrain Finish  (click to expand)

Daytona Whitewash

Miami Whitewash

Sanibel Whitewash

Tampa Whitewash

Tampa Dark Ash

Sanibel Dark Ash

Miami Dark Ash

Daytona Dark Ash

Daytona Weatherwood

Miami Weatherwood

Sanibel Weatherwood

Tampa Weatherwood

Tampa Teak

Sanibel Teak

Miami Teak

Daytona Teak

Daytona Mahogany

Miami Mahogany

Sanibel Mahogany

Tampa Mahogany

Designer Solid Finish  (click to expand)

Daytona Shell White

Miami Shell White

Sanibel Shell White

Tampa Shell White

Tampa Shoreline Gray

Sanibel Shoreline Gray

Miami Shoreline Gray

Daytona Shoreline Gray

Miami Bluff Beige

Daytona Bluff Beige

Sanibel Bluff Beige

Tampa Bluff Beige

Tampa Dock Brown

Sanibel Dock Brown

Daytona Dock Brown

Miami Dock Brown

Miami Pitch Black

Daytona Pitch Black

Sanibel Pitch Black

Tampa Pitch Black

Tampa Reef Blue

Sanibel Reef Blue

Daytona Reef Blue

Miami Reef Blue

Standard Finish  (click to expand)